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It's simple; our medical websites and marketing will get you more patients.

People will never know your great work as a doctor if they can't find you online, or worse, if they quickly abandon your website.  

Our web design and marketing experts do the heavy lifting so you can focus on doing what you know better than anyone else — serving your patients.

Which digital marketing services do you need to get more patients?

Web Design & Dev

A website is basically another reception area for clients. So if you want to convince them to pull out their wallets, you need to give them an extraordinary HIPAA compliant experience from the moment they visit your website. 

Mobile Apps

How will you stay connected with your clientele amidst the noise? With a mobile app, you can re-engage them with your services everywhere they take their mobile device  (ahem... yes, even in the bathroom, unfortunately).  

Marketing & Branding

Amazon, Disney, Pfizer. The big brands know branding is vital. What if you don't know where to start? Don't worry, our experts will help extract your Unique Value Proposition and promote it until it's memorable.

Scalable Services

As your business grows, you will need better funnels and cloud-solutions implemented like, yesterday. It's happened to our clients often enough that we are now pros in fast scalability and pivoting direction. 

SEO & Marketing

Wait, you thought this is once-on-Google-always-on-Google? Nope. Google changes it's algorithm rules about 600+ times/year! That's why our SEO experts work tirelessly to keep our doctors and entrepreneurs ranking high.

CRM & Support

We want to make your customers love your business so much that they return and even bring a friend! We have customer management tools for that. And we'll schedule regular 1-on-1 video calls so you aren't overwhelmed.

You don't need to have a degree in marketing or know how to code for your business to generate revenue from online sources. That's our job. We'll make your custom medical website design modern, responsive, and search engine optimized so you can dominate on Google. We can run marketing campaigns to target & attract qualified leads. And if you get too overwhelmed, our team can help you close deals with our sales software to bring in more patients. 

About our founders,

Utterfly Multimedia was founded by this husband and wife duo, Gary and Rebeca (the two BFFs in the background). Previously, they worked at a website design & marketing agency, hospitality businesses, and international corporate-level tech sales. They hand-picked top talent and put together all of those skills to create their Mona Lisa. 

Together with our Founders' many years of experience and ample skills in design, development, content writing, marketing, and business administration, we create innovative business solutions for the digital age. The type of solutions that makes our clients think, "I should probably spend less time vacationing and more time at the office. I'd hate to look like one of those rich snobs."
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OK, now let's strategize to fix what your business struggles with.

We employ the industry's top experts of all disciplines so you don't have to. Our goal? To give you (our clients) a website matched to your personality. To make sure you will be found online. To get new clients  emailing, calling, and messaging week after week.

Web Design & Development

UX Website Design and SEO

Our responsive custom websites are search engine optimized to rank on Google and other search engines—no black hat cheating.

With human psychology at the core, we design and write your website content to help people feel like they need your products and services and drive them to contact you. We also have HIPAA and ADA compliant solutions for your patients.
Marketing & Graphic Design

Online Marketing & Advertising

Now, it's time to advertise your website online and locally:  
  • Build fresh relevant content regularly
  • Nurture the right type of activity on social media
  • Have a strategy for promotions via email marketing, SMS text messages, and remote service.
  • Be memorable.
Customer Management Systems

Lead Generation & Conversion

If you start to get too many leads calling and emailing you, our Concierge Services Team can help you nurture and close new leads with your own CRM database dashboard for a small monthly fee + commission on anything we close. 

With our cloud-based systems, you waste less time and are free to answer customers' questions and receive payments to your bank account. 

Conversion Analytics & Reports

Measure. Improve. Repeat.

We've done great! But there is always room for improvement. So we can create materials to re-target customers that have gone cold or upsell active clients.

Custom live analytics reports of what really happens on your website and regular Google ranking charts will empower you to stay in the lead vs. your competition. 

Websites & Marketing: Case study of a medical practice like yours

Dr. Zoli testimonial of his medical website and marketing by Utterfly Multimedia

I can tell you in no uncertain terms that Utterfly has been the strongest changing point in our company. I could not be any happier that Gary and Rebeca assisted hands-on whenever I needed them. Their knowledge, experience, absolute dedication, and straightforward honesty... it has been outstanding!

Dr. Zoli Hargitai, thriving owner of, a medical website built by Utterfly. Holistic Bio Spa has been a client of Utterfly Multimedia since 2015, back when they were a tiny private clinic with only 1 doctor just barely closing in $60K annually. In a few years years, over 3,000 patients from all over the world found them online and traveled to their clinic. By 2023, Holistic Bio Spa's annual revenue had increased 48X from Utterfly's work. Go ahead, pull out the calculator to multiply that. We'll wait.  
Dr. Zoli Hargitai, medical practice owner and client of Utterfly Multimedia

Dr. Zoli Hargitai, Medical Website 

Dr. Zoli is the owner of an alternative medicine clinic in Puerto Vallarta. After trying about 5 different website providers and 10 years of barely paying the bills, he got in contact with the Utterfly team. Dr. Zoli's goal was to rank in different countries so patients from all over the world would fly to his clinic in Mexico for superior healthcare.

Challenge accepted! 

We designed and built his website, optimized for international SEO, implemented an evolving marketing strategy, and provided digital solutions and coaching along the way. Our designers and medical copywriters created each paragraph and graphic on his website to educate and evoke potential patients' trust in Dr. Zoli's overseas medical services.

Long story short... 

Today, Dr. Zoli's clinic continues to grow in revenue ($2MM+) from international and local patients. 

What does that mean for his investment in Utterfly's services? 

Dr. Zoli is good at math, so he's delighted to make a thousand-fold return on investment on his website and monthly marketing package from Utterfly. That'd be nice, wouldn't it?

You'll love their website:
Holistic Bio Spa Clinic's logo - client of Utterfly Multimedia
Lee Myers, review of website and marketing by Utterfly Multimedia

Lee Myers, Service Website

Lee is a contractor in a competitive metropolitan area in the United States. He was paying over $400/mo to another website company that supposedly specialized in contractor websites... 

That website agency got him 0 leads in 12 months. 

So Lee came to Utterfly Multimedia for help. After we built his website and started marketing for just 1 month, Lee got several leads coming in, including one for the biggest job ($500K) he had ever received!

See it here: 
SCRS logo for website
Mr. Rogers - review of website design by Utterfly Multimedia

Jason Rogers, Hospitality Website

Jason Rogers runs his hospitality business inside the coveted Grand Venetian Resort in the Mexico Pacific. Wanting to streamline his sales closing funnel, he asked us to build a hospitality website with calendar-integrated booking software. 

Within 3 months of launching Jason's rental-booking website, they ranked in the top 3 slots on the 1st page of Google! They continue to stand their own against big-budget competitors.

You'll love their website too:
GV Rentals logo for website

So, how will we work with your medical practice?


On a brief call, our experts will identify what your website really needs to bring in more clients.


Our creatives will develop a strategy to attract more customers for your business and simplify your workflows.


We will custom design your website and admin software to match your needs and WOW your customers.


Once you approve the overall design, we dive into technical programming and implementing your tactical SEO content strategy.


Finally, the day is here, your new business asset is launched within 90 days! Now, we can ignite your marketing plan to generate profit.

Alright, so you think you're ready to dominate your competition?


Talk with us about your website and marketing needs

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Utterfly Multimedia is a digital marketing and website company for medical practices. We make sure your business attracts and converts new clients so you can focus on your craft. We also help small and mid-size businesses.

We design and develop websites, provide social media and email marketing, design office stationery, and implement CRM sales and administration tools to help you close more sales.
  • Responsive and SEO website design and development
  • Logo design and refresh
  • Business SEO copywriting
  • Google ads
  • Social media marketing
  • Online platform dashboard
  • Email newsletter marketing
  • Link building services
  • Cloud-based sales tools
  • Cloud-based customer service tools
  • Client database software
  • Secure and fast website hosting
  • Business 30 GB to 10 TB cloud storage
  • Business Videography
  • Business Photography
  • Marketing coaching and training
  • Local advertising on bus stops
  • Business cards
  • Gift materials (cups, pens, bags)
  • Folders and letterheads
  • Flyers promotional banners and signs
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