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How to make your business run online, automatically

Icon of a responsive SEO website built by Utterfly

1. Make your website responsive and SEO'd

Our responsive custom websites are search engine optimized to rank on Google and other search engines—no black hat cheating.

With human psychology at the core, we design and write your website content to help people feel like they need your products and services and drive them to contact you.

Icon of digital marketing with social media, email newsletters, Google ads, and print materials

2. Promote your products and services

With such a beautiful website ready, it's time to advertise your website online and locally:

  • Build fresh content regularly

  • Be active on social media

  • Have a strategy for promotions via email marketing and remote service.

  • Print banners, business cards, flyers, and desk displays.

3. Close new clients and support current ones

Before people start calling and emailing you, we will help you nurture and close new leads with your own client database dashboard.

With our cloud-based systems, you waste less time and are free to answer customers' questions and receive payments to your bank account.

Portfolio: Utterfly's responsive websites that work for all businesses

Utterfly's custom SEO websites rank on page #1 of Google, look fantastic on any device, and get new clients emailing, calling, and messaging you week after week.

Holistic Bio Spa

An alternative medicine and stem cell therapy clinic in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.

We continue to grow and market this medical website to stay on page #1 of Google. Each page is built with solid scientific research and engineered to help people trust in their alternative medical solutions for cancer, Lyme disease, and more.

SCRS Roofing Contractor

A roofing contractor in a competitive area in the United States with a low budget.

Lee's previous website company didn't get him any leads in 12 months. After Utterfly built his website and started marketing for just 1 month, several leads trickled in, including one for the biggest commercial job ($500K) he had ever received!

Grand Venetian Rentals

A hospitality website competing with industry giants like Airbnb, VRBO, and Homeaway.

This small business lists dozens of beautiful vacation rentals in a beach-front property. Within 3 months of launching their website, they were between slots #1-3 on the first page of Google! They continue to stand their own against big-budget competitors.

Proof our digital business solutions actually work

Dr. Zoli Hargitai, alternative medicine doctor and client of Utterfly in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

"I can tell you in no uncertain terms that Utterfly has been the strongest changing point in our company. I could not be any happier that Gary and Rebeca assisted hands-on whenever I needed them. Their knowledge, experience, absolute dedication, and straightforward honesty... it has been outstanding!"

- Dr. Zoli Hargitai, ND • thriving owner of Holistic Bio Spa, alternative medicine clinic in Mexico

Holistic Bio Spa has been a client of Utterfly since 2015.

  1. First, we collaborated to build their website.

  2. We began creating fresh SEO content to promote on social media and email newsletters.

  3. Today, Holistic Bio Spa's income has increased 500% and their treatment rooms are packed!

About Utterfly. Who are we?

Utterfly was founded by this husband and wife duo, Gary and Rebeca. Together with their skills in design, development, content writing, marketing, and a heart for humankind, they create innovative business solutions for the digital age.

Our employees are hand-picked because they share our vision. What is our vision? Build an empowered world where each family has the power to provide for themselves by doing what they love.

Rebeca, marketing specialist and customer satisfaction overseer and co-founder of Utterfly
Gary, founder of Utterfly and website designer and builder, SEO specialist, and marketing strategist

Serving businesses of all types and in all locations:

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  • Canada

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